Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part V

Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part V

Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part V

Hey friends, here I am back again with the next post in this series. Well, I am not sure. And I guess this is not the place we should think about this topic. What we should do is to talk about ways to stay healthy and fit, as long as we stay alive!

So, striving to achieve this single goal of us, we would talk about our eating habits, today. Eating habits control our body mass composition and our overall fitness.

What we eat determines whether we would grow fatter or leaner. We should know what we should eat and also, what we should not eat.

Doctors, especially the dieticians would tell you what, how much and when to eat. Here are a few tips regarding this.

We should replace white bread in our diet with whole grain bread. Or if you are fond of eating rice and not bread, like most of the Indians do, eat brown rice and not white rice, which would contain lesser fiber than the former.

Fiber, which helps in the excretion process in our body, is much important for all of us.

Similarly, we should take care of our intake of fat that comes from meat, fish and similar meat products.

When we eat meat, we should try to take the leaner factors containing lesser fat, like chicken breast, salmon, duck, turkey and egg whites.

This way, we can reduce the intake of calories and fat. Furthermore, by grilling or broiling meat and meat products, we can make it leaner and healthier.

Like grilling and broiling, we should switch to healthy cooking alternatives too. In the market, there are various kinds of cooking oil that we find and various people and sects like to use various kinds of oils while cooking at home.

While some like mustard oil, others would like coconut oil for cooking. By far, olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils that we can use while cooking food at home.

Still, the best way is to switch to a cooking spray which, without any doubt, would reduce more of fat and calories.

Hope this would help you decide and take one more step towards fast weight loss programs that you follow. A holistic approach would always help to get you stronger, fitter and healthier.