Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part II

Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part II

Holistic Approach to Fast & Healthy Weight Loss – Part II :  Hello Mate! I am back with the second part of holistic approach to fast and healthy weight loss.

In the previous post we have covered the part one of the series and in that we have talked about exercise. We have seen how a regular exercise regime and a healthy diet would help to keep you fit and fine.

Today, we will talk about some food habits of ours which we need to get rid of to affect a fast weight loss.


Well, before getting into today’s topic let me add something to the first post. Recently, I came to know that weightlifting helps in losing weight too.

So, in addition to cardio I would recommend you to incorporate some kind of weightlifting into your regular exercise routine.

It need not be weightlifting as those huge guys going to the Olympics do, but a simple mechanism, like a chair or a flower vase or a bucket of water can do the necessary.

You know the secret, how it works? Well, even I did not know until yesterday, when my friend talked about it.

When we perform weightlifting regularly, we would build us some kind of muscle – however small it may be.

These muscles that we build up doing weightlifting will help to burn the extra calories that we intake even when we are not actively doing something physical.

That means, even when we are sleeping or just lazing around in our couch, the calories get burnt up, although slowly. Hence, we need to incorporate weightlifting in our workout regime.

However, I would request not to lift heavy items and start lifting smaller buckets of water initially and as days pass, you can increase the weight or size of the bucket.

This will allow your body to settle down with higher weights slowly but surely. Try this out and let me know if that helps. I am sure it will.

Our food habits decide the amount of extra fat that the body accumulates.

Mathematicians reading this post will understand if I say that the amount of food items rich in fat that you eat is directly proportional to the amount of excess weight that your body develops – the more you eat such high-fat food items, like burgers, fries and pastries the more is the probability of you being fat.

Hence, looking at a fat person you cannot say that he has become fat only due to lack of exercise.

He might have grown into a couch potato and that has affected his body weight, but you should also check his food habits before you can understand the real reason behind it.

So, along with exercise, we need to ensure that we change our food habits if they consist of high-fat items.

And when we suddenly change our habits, the body would not take it that easily.

One might need weeks or even months to settle down with a new low-fat diet if he has been eating lot of fat-rich food for a long time.

Hence, my advice will be to know your food habits and start reducing the content of high-fat items in your diet slowly.