Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine :  The present world has become too stressful and it needs an active and indomitable resolution to get out of stress.

A mechanical life that starts with brushing in the morning and ends with brushing at night before sleep sees lot of ups and downs in a day.

The office is a place where we get most stressed out. It is very important to release the stress we accumulate during the day.


An easier way to be stress free is to laugh. Laughter, as they say, is one of the best ways to get

rid of any kind of stress and tension that all of us cultivate in this present form of our lives.

A good laugh reduces stress and also generates good amount of healthy physical changes in the entire body.

Laughter is a priceless medicine when it comes to getting rid of the detrimental effects of overwhelming stress.

Five minutes of good and healthy laugh can energize you and free you from a day full of stress.

You will feel relaxed, satisfied and happy at the end of it and it would cost you nothing.

There are myths about laughter, which tells us that it is just an exercise for the face and the face muscles. If you think the same, you are utterly wrong.

A good laughter can strengthen your immune system; it can boost your energy level; and laughter can reduce the amount of pain that you might have.

Laughter has also proved to have reduced depression and curing depression patients too.

Rather than getting into gyms and wasting your money on anti-depressant and other drugs, it is best to laugh for some time and throw away all the stress and tensions that you have accumulated throughout the day.

Laughter is obviously fun and easy to use exercise that gives you wonderful results. On top of that, it is an absolutely free of cost medicine.

Take a break from your stressed life and read a comic book or share a joke with a friend or watch comedy movies in the weekend.

This will help you reducing a lot of stress and will leave you relaxed and happy. Live a happy life, filled with fun, joy and laughter.